Mayor's greeting

Mayor's greeting

Mayor's greeting

Dear Visitor!

As the mayor of Csepreg, I greet you with respect and friendship. I am pleased that you are interested in our city and visited this website, which we prepared for you and which we tried to design in such a way as to provide clear, useful and up-to-date information about our city.

In recent years, we have implemented numerous tourism developments and are currently working to ensure that both visitors and residents can spend their time in pleasant conditions. In addition to the rich historical past - of which we can rightly be proud - our nearby vineyards and fishing lakes may also pique your interest, which you can find more information about under the tourism menu item.

My employees and I work every day to ensure that the Mayor's Office can operate in a customer-friendly, service-oriented manner, so if you place your trust in us and contact us with any questions, you can be sure that we are ready to help you.

I hope that after a short orientation, you will decide not only to visit our small town, but also in person.


Zoltán Horváth

Mayor of the City of Csepreg